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Spokane Washington hydroseeding and north Idaho hydroseeding service areas

Spokane Washington Hydroseeding North Idaho Hydroseeding Service Areas

As our name states, we perform all types of hydroseeding services in North Idaho, but we also Hydroseed in the greater Spokane Washington hydroseeding areas. Over the years, we have worked on various Washington State and Spokane County public works project sites, as well as large to small private residential projects.

North Idaho Hydroseeding (NIH) works from the Washington State line through Otis Orchards, Liberty Lake, and the Spokane Valley into Airway Heights, to Cheney and beyond. We also serve from Rockford, north of the South Hill to Five Mile and north past Nine Mile Falls to Deer Park.

North Idaho Hydroseeding Incorporated and Spokane Washington Hydroseeding serves all of the Spokane area. We complete all documentation necessary to maintain our Washington State Contractor's License and Interstate DOT Registrations and Permits. Our company has increased itís presence in the Spokane area by working with quality Washington State landscape contractors. Coming from Idaho we have found our price rates to be competitive if not lower in comparison to Washington contractors. We have the ability to access remote sites when necessary.

In North Idaho we serve much of the Idaho Panhandle. North Idaho Hydroseeding works in Kootenai County covering the south end of Lake Coeur d' Alene, east to Harrison, north through Hayden Lake, Garwood, Chilco, and to Athol. We also work west to Blanchard, Spirit Lake, Twin Lakes, Hauser Lake, Rathdrum and into Post Falls. North Idaho Hydroseeding travels to Bonner, Boundary, Shoshone, Benewah, and Latah Counties. We also perform hydroseeding in the Spokane Washington hydroseeding areas.

Spokane Washington Hydroseeding North Idaho Hydroseeding Types, Equipment and Fertilizing

At North Idaho Hydroseeding we install bluegrass lawns, drought tolerant turf lawns, athletic fields, erosion control grasses, pastures, and reclamation grasses. We offer a large variety of grass blends which allows for a successful result in all diverse soil types and exposures. Because establishing your newly planted area is critical to achieving a successful result, we make use of a variety of tackifying technologies to secure the hydroseed to the site. Whether the site is fairly flat or an extremely steep (1:1) slope, we have the ability to tackify our hydroseeding slurries using guar gum, polyacrylamide, other polymer combinations, or BFM (Bonded Fiber Matrix) mulch.

North Idaho Hydroseeding(Spokane Washington Hydroseeding) operates Finn Hydroseeders. Our various Finn hydroseeding machines are capable of mixing and spraying heavy hydroseed mulches including wood and BFM. We use a variety of mulch combinations in our spray applications. Because soil types vary greatly from well drained sand with no organic matter, to clay which is rich in minerals but is lacking in porosity; different hydroseeding approaches need to be employed.

We also offer a variety of fertilizing options. Depending on the season and soil conditions, we use either quick release or slow release inorganic fertilizers with varying formulas. Organic fertilizing options can be used along with the addition of beneficial mycorrhizal applications which build healthy microbes within the soil. From the simplest lawn to the most challenging erosion control site, we have the appropriate equipment, materials and expertise to successfully complete any project.


North Idaho Hydroseeding

Service areas:

Kootenai County
Coeur d' Alene
Hayden Lake
Spirit Lake
Twin Lakes
Hauser Lake
Post Falls
Bonner County
Boundary County
Shoshone County
Benewah County
Latah County

Spokane Washington Hydroseeding

Service areas:

Greater Spokane
Liberty Lakes
Deer Park
Airway Heights

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